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Help Paying Your Utility Bills in Kentucky

If you're struggling to pay your gas, electricity, or water bills, you can get help paying your bills and making your homes more energy efficient.

Kentucky Weatherization Assistance Program helps keep Kentuckians "warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and safe all year long." If you qualify, trained professionals will come to your home to:

  • Repair or replace furnaces.
  • Insulate your home.
  • Make minor repairs for health and safety reasons, like fixing doors and cracks in windows or walls.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Teach you how to make your home safer and to conserve energy in the future.Find an agency near you.

Community Action Agencies and the LIHEAP Program
Community Action Agencies (CAAs) are one of the main providers of the Kentucky Weatherization Program. CAAs also run the LIHEAP program, which helps families, the elderly and the disabled with one-time payments for heating bills in November or December. They also provide emergency financial assistance to families who are about to have their power shut off between January and March. Find the address and phone number of your local Community Action Agency by calling (800) 456-3452 for more information.

Utility Companies and the WeCare Program
Some of Kentucky's utility companies like Louisville Gas & Electric and Cinergy have programs to help customers pay their bills and make their homes more energy efficient. Learn more about these programs or call (800) 251-7808 for more information.

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I am really impressed by the Kentucky Weatherization Assistance Program and would definitely like to know how we could qualify for this!!I have also seen a service like this at, has anyone used it?. In these days where it is so difficult to get people to come and do the maintenance work at home, I would say that this program is really a God sent opportunity to take care of ourselves!! I am going to go and check out on the agencies mentioned here right away and see how I can qualify!!
Single mother just got waterlines fixed after 6 months now I can't afford to get the water turned on. And I also need to find a new heat source