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Getting Financial Help While You're Unemployed in Kentucky

Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (K-TAP)
The K-TAP program (which used to be known as AFDC or welfare) helps families with children with temporary cash assistance while the parents find jobs or get training that will help them get jobs.

Who Can Get K-TAP?
Families with children under 18 who have very little money qualify for K-TAP, as long as they haven't been convicted of a drug felony or gone over the five year limit on receiving benefits. Find out if you qualify for K-TAP.

How to Apply
You apply for K-TAP by making an appointment at your local Department of Community Based Services' Family Support Office. Go here to find the phone number and address of the office near you.

Are there other benefits to apply for besides K-TAP Cash Assistance?
Yes. When you are applying for K-TAP, you should also apply for Food Stamps and Medicaid benefits.

Do you have to do anything after you apply?
Yes. To get K-TAP benefits you have to take part in the Kentucky Works program, which will either help get a job, training or education to help you get a job, or have you do community service. If you don't participate in the Kentucky Works program, your K-TAP checks will stop.

What happens if you get a job? Do K-TAP benefits stop?
If your job earns you enough money, K-TAP benefits will stop. However, earnings from your job are not counted until two months after you stop the job and there are other deductions. Plus, even when your K-TAP benefits stop, your family may still get Medicaid for a year, food stamps, and transportation benefits needed for getting to work.

For more information or other questions:
Call (502) 564-7050

Learn more about K-TAP.

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I applaud the people who came up with this plan as well as those who supported it. I especially like the part that says that even when the parents have signed an employment agreement, the benefits don't stop. Definitely, it takes awhile for a family who has gone through so much to pick themselves up and get back on their feet.