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  • Food Stamp Eligibility Tool

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Food Stamp Eligibility Tool

More than 30 million households receive Food Stamp Benefits. Your household may be eligible for SNAP if:

  • All members are U.S. citizens, have lived legally in the U.S.A. for 5 or more years, or have certain refugee or protected status.
  • Your household has moderate savings accounts or investments
  • Your combined income meets the requirements below

Talk to a local agency for other exceptions.

Remember that this information is meant only as a guide.

Food Stamp Eligibility Guide


If your household has this many people (including children): Your household’s monthly income (before taxes) is less than:
1 $1174
2 $1579
3 $1984
4 $2389
5 $2794
6 $3200
7 $3605
8 $4010
For each extra person, add $405 to the allowed monthly income.



Is it possible to eat healthy on a food stamp budget?

Visit to find out.


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What this does not say it that you MUST make at least this amount of money to be eligible for food stamps! Someone with no job, no income, legally in the US, no children, and about to be homeless due to no income and unable to gain employment is NOT eligible for Food Stamps - They get to Starve !! How can I say this? I AM LIVING IT! I just got done from applying for a third time for food stamps and was told "You do not meet the income requirements to get food stamps, when you find employment or if anything else changes please reapply" . I lost my job, no longer receive unemployment, have no savings left and no income. I have no clue how I will get my next meal much less pay my next bill. and because I do not have a child at home, am not over 50, and do not have any income, I cannot get Food assistance. Tell me how that is helpful? Our Programs Are BS and are NOT there to help those who are truly in need.

My brother and his family have recently moved in with us, my husband is in the military and I work at a local department store. Together there are 8 people (with only my husband working at the moment) what kind of assistance can I receive?

This information was so helpful! Thank you!

Myself and one 13 year old dependant are forced to live at my parents due to an illness which has me on disability. I realize I am very lucky to have a place to stay but I will never be able to work and I bring home approx. $750 combined for my child and myself. I am still on COBRA which is $944 per month and I am to expect more surgery soon with c-scans etc. in between. The money I make does not cover my health ins. let alone paying bills I had incurred before my illness in 2009. SS came through in Nov., 2010. They say I should not appeal amount. My collector's for the bills are calling constantly. What should I do? I know I am lucky to have what I do but I am so scared of the debtors. Thank you
I'm sorry to hear about all you're going through, Michelle! I'd recommend the work of Lynette Khalfani-Cox as a great resource for you: I know dealing with debtors in really scary, but in her book Perfect Credit, Khalfani-Cox says that you can and should negotiate with debtors. If you just really can't pay your bills, they should be able to work with you to reduce your debts, as well as come up with a reasonable payment plan. Hope this helps!
Not sure what I'm supposed to put here
The application process is different in each state, and your state may not have an online application. Click on this link to the USDA site for info on to apply for food stamps in your state:
how do i apply online for food stamps?
I have no job, two childred in school full time, my only income is child support for for 10 year old which is $489.0 a month