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  • Kentucky Virtual High School

Kentucky Virtual High School

The Kentucky Virtual High School (KVHS) allows Kentucky residents (including middle school students, private school students, home schoolers, and adults seeking a high school diploma, as well as public high school students) to take high school courses online for credit.

That means you actually take classes, with a real teacher, through a computer and the Internet! Here is more informtion about KVHS:

Why take courses through the Virtual Public High School:
Some of the reasons student take courses at the Virtual Public High include:
- They want to take a course, like a foreign language or advanced placement class, that is not offered at their school.
- They want to take a course that is offered at their school but a scheduling conflict means it isn't available at their regular school.
- The teacher of a class at their school isn't very good.
- They are home schoolers who want to take some classes with other people.
- They think they can actually learn better in an online class, rather than a real classroom, since it allows them to go more at their own pace.

To find out whether the Virtual Public High School is right for you or someone in your family, take the online quiz "Is Online Learning for Me?".

Enrollment and Fees
To take courses through the Kentucky Virtual Public High School, you have to get the permission of the Principal or School Counselor at your local public high school, even if you are not a student at the high school.
The cost of taking courses at the Virtual Public High School is:
$275 per half-credit course take in one semester
$500 per one-credit course taken in one semester
$275 one semester Advanced Placement courses
$500 two semester Advanced Placement courses

However, if your child is enrolled full time at a public high school and is taking a course that is not offered at the school, usually the school will pay these fees. But it is up to each school.

More information
The Kentucky Virtual High School site has a lot more information including:
- A demonstration course so you can test how online learning works.
- Information on Advanced Placement Classes and the AP Academy.
- Answers to frequently asked questions by students.
- Information on class sizes, the faculty, how credits work, and more.

You can also call 866-432-0008 ext.4532 in Kentucky or 502-564-3421 ext. 4532 if calling from out of state).

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